Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II

Supporting agricultural development through biotechnology

Conference Papers


A Decade of US Support for Agricultural Biotechnology in the Developing World. By F.A. Shotkoski (2006).


Transgenic Vegetables and Fruits for Control of Insects and Insect-Vectored Pathogens. By Shelton, Fuchs and Shotkoski, Chapter 9 (2008).

Technology Transfer in Agribiotech: The Case of Asia’s Eggplant. By F.A. Shotkoski (2008).

Collaborative research towards development of transgenic Bt eggplant resistant to Leucinodes orbonalis guenee (poster, 2006).

Adoption of Genetically Modified Eggplant in India: An Ex Ante Analysis. By D.E. Kolady (2005).


Late blight resistance of RB-transgenic Katahdin under natural epiphytotic condition in India. By S.K. Chakrabarti et al. (2008).

Development of RB-transgenic clones of Indian commercial potato cultivars and their performance against late blight. By S. Kashyap et al. (2008).

Introgression of RB gene conferring late blight resistance into Indian potato cultivars. By S.K. Kaushik et al. (2008)

Late blight resistance of Solanum bulbocastanum derived somatic hybrids of potato. By S.K. Kaushik et al. (2008).