Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II

Supporting agricultural development through biotechnology

Product Biosafety Evaluation

The USAID sponsored Program in Biosafety Systems (PBS) has the responsibility for establishing and enhancing the capacity of regulatory authorities in ABSPII target countries. In some cases, these authorities exist and have some experience while in other countries this capacity is lacking. In India and the Philippines the process for assessment and approval of bio-engineered products is both in place and functional. In Indonesia food safety assessment protocols have yet to be fully defined. Bangladesh has started to work on the biosafety regulatory process, although work is still needed to refine procedures. In Africa, while some research and regulatory capacity exists, the current situation is not as well advanced as in Asia.

ABSPII collaboration with the PBS will ensure that various levels of approval are requested at times suited to the development of the relevant authorities. Information supplied in support of the request will be prepared in consultation with PBS to ensure that the most effective (in terms of capacity building activities) and efficient (in terms of resource use) activities are performed.