Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project II

Supporting agricultural development through biotechnology

Product Development

A primary transgenic event is only rarely a potential bio-engineered product. Most often, the particular genotype used for transformation is not ideal for release as a product and, in addition, different varieties may need to be developed for release in different areas. Product development moves through various stages of breeding and selection for both the transgene and superior agronomic qualities. The stability of the transgenic event is assessed over generations and the expression of the trait and its effectiveness in producing the desired is also studied.

There is usually a requirement for field trials to test the performance of the elite event as well as for biosafety approvals. As the product moves further along towards release, the scale of the trials will increase such that agronomic performance can be assessed against current varieties. Multiple replications are often needed to gain enough information to apply for variety registration. Many countries have a requirement for a minimum number of years of testing before release of any new variety – not only bio-engineered products – to maintain the quality of the available planting material.